Ledger Nano S vs X vs Stax: Best Ledger Wallet [2024]

Ledger Stax has a large touchscreen display, whereas Ledger Nano S and X has smaller buttons and Bluetooth for easy storage of crypto.

Are you looking for the best Ledger wallet to store your cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes the need for secure storage solutions.

Ledger is a leading provider of secure and reliable hardware wallets that have been trusted by millions of users around the world. In this article, we will compare the three most popular Ledger wallets – Nano S, X, and Stax – and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Ledger Nano S vs X vs Stax: The Ultimate Comparison

Ledger ModelLedger StaxLedger Nano XLedger Nano S Plus
💸 Price$279$149$79
Rating4.4 star rating4.5 star rating
Screen TypeE InkOLEDOLED
Screen Resolution400×672 px128×64 px128×64 px
TouchscreenCurved E Ink touch screenNoNo
Wireless chargingWireless charging (Qi charging)NoNo
Ledger Live CompatibilityWindows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.
Third-Party wallet (coins)5500+ coins5500+ coins5500+ coins
Third-Party wallet (NFTs)YesYesYes
Digital Assets Support500+ coins, and Ethereum and Polygon NFTs through Ledger Live app500+ coins, and Ethereum and Polygon NFTs through Ledger Live app500+ coins
SecurityCertified Secure Element (CC EAL5+)Certified Secure Element (CC EAL5+)Certified Secure Element (CC EAL5+)
PIN protectionYesYesYes
Recovering access to assets24-word Secret Recovery Phrase24-word Secret Recovery Phrase24-word Secret Recovery Phrase
Third-party Wallet supportYesYesYes
Ledger Stax ReviewLedger Nano X Review

Ledger Wallets: Similarities and Differences

1. Supported coins

The Ledger Nano S, X, and Stax support over 5000 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. However, the Stax model offers additional support for multi-blockchain NFTs, which is not available in the Nano S and X models.

2. Price and Cost

The Ledger Nano S is the most affordable model, priced at $79, while the Ledger Nano X costs $149. The Ledger Stax is the most expensive model, priced at $279. However, the price difference is due to the added features and benefits offered by the Stax model.

3. Security

All three models of Ledger devices provide the highest level of security, thanks to their secure element chips, which are certified as CC EAL5+. They also offer PIN protection and a 24-word secret recovery phrase. However, the Stax model offers uncompromised security that is unparalleled in the market.

4. Device Specifications

  • The Ledger Nano S has an OLED screen with a resolution of 128×64 px and does not feature a touchscreen.
  • The Ledger Nano X features a larger OLED screen with a resolution of 128×64 px and a Bluetooth mobile connection, making it ideal for on-the-go use.
  • The Ledger Stax, on the other hand, features a curved E Ink touchscreen experience, unlike ever before, and also offers wireless charging and embedded magnets.


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Ledger Nano S


Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is an affordable and popular hardware wallet for storing and managing digital assets. Its Secure Element chip and 24-word recovery phrase provide robust security features, while its compact size and simple interface make it easy to use.

However, it has limited storage capacity for digital assets. Overall, it’s an excellent option for those looking for an entry-level hardware wallet.

Pros and cons of Ledger Nano S

✔️ Affordable price point❌ Limited storage capacity (max 18 apps)
✔️ Easy to use and setup❌ Small screen size can be difficult to read
✔️ High level of security and protection❌ May require manual firmware updates
✔️ Compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies❌ No wireless connectivity
✔️ Supports multiple wallets and accounts
✔️ Compact and portable


Ledger Nano X

The device features a built-in Bluetooth connection, allowing users to connect it to their mobile devices and manage their crypto assets. It also has a large screen and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their crypto portfolios.

The Ledger Nano X uses a combination of secure elements and encryption to protect users’ private keys and ensure the security of their transactions. It also supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and is compatible with multiple wallet apps, making it a versatile choice for managing digital assets.

Pros and Cons of Ledger Nano X

– Secure storage for crypto assets– Relatively expensive compared to other hardware wallets
– Large storage capacity (up to 100 applications)– Requires a mobile device for full functionality
– Bluetooth connectivity for easier access– Bluetooth connection may introduce additional security risks
– User-friendly interface and setup process– Limited battery life
– Compatible with over 5,500 cryptocurrencies and tokens– No touch screen, relying on physical buttons for navigation
– Built-in support for popular wallets and apps– May not be suitable for advanced users who require more customization options
– Provides a high level of security against hacking attempts and physical tampering
ledger stax


Ledger Stax

The Ledger Stax is the latest and most advanced hardware wallet offered by Ledger. It boasts a curved E Ink touchscreen and a customizable lock screen, providing a unique and intuitive user experience. It supports over 1000 coins and tokens, as well as NFTs, making it one of the most versatile hardware wallets available.

Its security features include a certified Secure Element chip, PIN protection, and a 24-word recovery phrase. The Ledger Stax also features wireless charging and embedded magnets for added convenience.

Pros and Cons of Ledger Stax

Curved E Ink touchscreen provides unique UXExpensive
Customizable lock screenLimited storage capacity for digital assets
Supports External software wallet
High Security
Wireless charging

What is Ledger Live App?

Ledger Live app

Ledger Live is a comprehensive application that enables users to manage their digital assets in a secure and user-friendly manner. The app is designed to work with Ledger hardware wallets, which provide an additional layer of security for managing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

The Ledger Live app is available for desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It supports over 1,800 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others.

Users can easily view their balances, send and receive transactions, and view their transaction history all in one place.

The app also offers a range of advanced features, such as the ability to manage multiple accounts, set up alerts for price changes, and use the Ledger Live API to integrate with other applications.

Security is a top priority for Ledger Live, and the app offers several measures to ensure the safety of user funds. These include two-factor authentication, a secure PIN system, and the ability to restore accounts using a recovery phrase.

Final Thoughts: Ledger Nano S vs X vs Stax

Ledger wallets are a great way to securely store your cryptocurrency. They provide a high level of security and have a user-friendly interface. The Ledger Nano S is a great choice for those who are new to cryptocurrency, while the Ledger Nano X is the best choice for those who want more advanced features. The Ledger Stax is the most advanced Ledger wallet available, with a larger touchscreen display than the Ledger Nano S and Nano X.

When choosing the best Ledger wallet, consider your personal needs and preferences. If you are new to cryptocurrency, the Ledger Nano S may be the best choice for you. If you are looking for more advanced features, the Ledger Nano X or Ledger Stax may be a better option.


What is a Ledger wallet?

A Ledger wallet is a hardware wallet designed to store cryptocurrencies. It provides a secure environment for storing your digital assets. Unlike software wallets, which store your private keys on your computer or mobile device, hardware wallets keep your private keys in a secure chip that is isolated from the internet and other potential security threats. This makes Ledger wallets one of the safest options for storing your cryptocurrency.

What is the difference between Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X?

The Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X are both hardware wallets designed to store cryptocurrencies. The main difference between the two is their functionality. The Ledger Nano S is a compact device that can store up to 500 different cryptocurrencies, while the Ledger Nano X is a more advanced device that can store up to 100 apps and has Bluetooth connectivity. The Ledger Nano X also has a larger screen and a rechargeable battery, which makes it more convenient for mobile use.

Are Ledger wallets secure?

Yes, Ledger wallets are highly secure. They use a secure chip to store your private keys and require a PIN code to access your funds. This means that even if your Ledger wallet is lost or stolen, your cryptocurrencies will still be safe as long as your PIN code is not compromised. Additionally, Ledger wallets have undergone rigorous security testing and have been independently audited by security experts.

Can I use a Ledger wallet with my mobile device?

Yes, Ledger wallets can be used with mobile devices. The Ledger Nano S can be connected to your mobile device using an OTG cable, while the Ledger Nano X has Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to use with your mobile device. Ledger also offers a mobile app called Ledger Live, which allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies.

Which Ledger wallet is the best choice for me?

If you are new to cryptocurrency and only need to store a few different cryptocurrencies, the Ledger Nano S may be the best choice for you. If you are an experienced cryptocurrency user and need to store a larger variety of cryptocurrencies, the Ledger Nano X or Ledger Blue may be a better option.

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