9 Best Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps 2024 [Tested]

The best crypto portfolio tracker Apps must include an API connection with multiple exchanges and wallets, Safe, secure, and user-friendly Interface.

Are you looking for a way to keep track of your cryptocurrency investments? With so many different cryptocurrencies and exchanges out there, it can be difficult to manage your portfolio effectively. That’s where crypto portfolio tracker apps come in.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the top crypto portfolio tracker apps available today.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps Highlights

  • We have evaluated and analyzed the top Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps for investors and traders, then choose the best Portfolio Tracker for you.
  • There are numerous cryptocurrencies and exchanges, which can make managing your portfolio challenging.
  • A portfolio tracker app can help you stay informed about market trends, make informed investment decisions, and potentially increase your returns.

Author’s Choice: Top cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring service

Kubera: Kubera is an all-in-one portfolio managing app that allows you to track cryptocurrency portfolios with equities, Commodities, homes, NFTs, Domain estimated value, and easy-to-customize features.

Best Crypto portfolio Tracker Apps: Comparison Table

AppsSupported assetsPricingRating
CoinMarketCapCryptofree of cost9.8/10
CoinStatsCryptoPro: $3.49/mo
Premium: $13.99
Deltastocks, crypto, futures, and currencies$70-$80/year9.5/10
CoinGeckocryptofree of cost9.3/10
Blockfoliocryptofree of cost9.1/10
Kubera Stocks, crypto, NFTs$150/year10/10
ZerionDefi crypto holdingsfree8/10

List of crypto portfolio management software

Here is the list of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps for 2023 to track your wealth and investment-

  1. CoinMarketCap: Free All-in-One Crypto app
  2. CoinStats: Best portfolio tracker app for tier-1 crypto Exchanges
  3. Delta: Best Portfolio Tracker for crypto beginners
  4. CoinGecko: Best Portfolio tracker with high security
  5. BlockFolio: High user base portfolio manager app
  6. Kubera: Top app for both stocks and crypto
  7. Zerion: Best portfolio tracker app for Defi
  8. CoinTracker: Best Tax and portfolio tracker
  9. Altrady: Best for trading on Multiple Exchanges

1. CoinMarketCap: Free Crypto Portfolio Tracking App

coinmarketcap portfolio tracker

It allows you to watch the values and volume of over 12,000 digital currencies, CoinMarketCap is an effective cryptocurrency price monitor app. You need to type the quantity holding, buying price, the moment you purchased, traded, or earned, and the dates to add your token to the portfolio tracker.

Adding accounts from several crypto exchanges using APIs is currently not supported. It provides attractive charting and data capabilities that can enable you to manage your future orders and sells based on expected market price changes.

In addition to allowing you to track the price and PNL of your holdings, the App lets you make a watchlist, set price alerts, and even research cryptocurrencies. You may also keep track of ICO calendars and receive alerts about noteworthy ICOs.

Top Features

  • Already accessible as a web application as well as an app for Desktop and mobile.
  • The application’s CryptoCompare feature allows you to use analytics to compare the market growth of any currency pairs. You may analyze their prices, volume, and market capitalizations across various periods.
  • You can also get crypto news inside the app from top crypto websites like cryptoPotato, bitcoin magazine, etc.
  • In real-time, you can see the price of your digital currencies in more than 100 fiat currencies (including Dollar, EUR, JPY, GBP, CNY, and others).
  • You can download the app from PlayStore, or App Store at your convenience

Pricing: Free of cost

Website URL: CoinMarketCap

2. CoinStats: Connect and Track Multiple Exchange investments

CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker

CoinStats is one the most trusted crypto portfolio tracking app that managed over 500M+ transactions, managing more than $500 billion in portfolios, and more than 1.5M users from all over the world.

With over 7000+ coins, 25+ exchanges, and 20+ digital wallets, it offers comprehensive crypto connectivity. For transaction history, it also gives complete statistics and transaction records. The charting features assist users in predicting and gaining insight into future cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

Top Features

  • It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Macintosh laptops, and is also a user-friendly chrome web store extension.
  • A cryptocurrency news feed that may be tailored to the requirements of the user. the information was gathered from 40 different media sources.
  • It Supports API connectivity and wallet access like metamask, coinbase, Trust wallet, Phantom, Binance, etc.
  • It Enables crypto trading from a single platform.
  • Buy cryptocurrency using fiat money with a credit card and receive it instantaneously in a paired wallet.
  • API Keys are stored apart from private data on an AWS Vault account.

Pros & Cons

Unlimited Exchange connectionsThe free version is not worthy
Unlimited crypto wallet connectionssome exchanges might not be supported
CoinInsights and personal account manager for premium members
over 8000 crypto assets supported
easy API Integration

Pricing: $3.45 for the pro version which supports connectivity of only 10 Exchanges, and $13.99 for the premium version which supports unlimited Exchange connections.

Website URL: CoinStats

3. Delta: Best portfolio Tracker for crypto, stocks, futures, and currencies

delta investment tracker apps

It is among the few cryptocurrency portfolio tracker applications that might be capable of competing with Blockfolio, the market leader. Delta, which launched in 2017, was able to reach a million subscribers less than a year after its release.

Since then, the app’s creators have continued to add additional features and make it easier to track one’s crypto holdings.

Top Features:

  • Delta subscribers keep records of all of their shares, currencies, derivatives, and cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Apps for Android and IOS are available
  • Only a few charting tools are available, as well as API access to crypto exchanges.
  • It has a notification system available for your portfolio change.

Pros & Cons

Both for stocks and crypto holdingsAll exchanges not supported
Supports 350+ crypto assetsHigh pricing
Volatility notification system
API Connectivity
powered and backed by eToro

Pricing: Android: $70-$80 annually, iPhone: $60-$70

Website URL: Delta

4. CoinGecko: Best app for charting and Tracking crypto coins

CoinGecko crypto portfolio tracker apps

CoinGecko examines the financial industry from a fundamental standpoint. It measures community growth, portfolio tracking, open-source software innovation, key events, and on-chain data in addition to price, volumes, and market cap.

Key Features of portfolio tracking:

  • Real-time price data available for 13000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Available for both mobile and desktop users
  • Sync your portfolio across the web and mobile apps
  • Create multiple portfolios at a time
  • zero cost
  • The best alternative of coinmarketcap

Pricing: Free of cost

Website URL: CoinGecko

5. BlockFolio: Market-leading top portfolio tracker app

Blockfolio best portfolio tracker

In 2014, Blockfolio was founded and has over 6.5 million monthly active users, and accepts almost every digital asset on the marketplace currently. It also makes it possible to connect accounts from roughly 20 different crypto platforms, which is a great deal relative to other crypto asset managers.

It gives consumers the ability to establish price notifications. The signal is a trade intelligence service that supplies users with useful trading records or knowledge. It has received a lot of positive feedback, with over 30k reviews in the Apple Store and 150k+ on the Google play store.

Top Features

  • Blockfolio is now powered by FTX U.S., a top crypto exchange.
  • Available for both android and IOS devices
  • Supports 10,000+ digital assets
  • Blockfolio signal feature for top news and updates
  • All required customizable options

Pricing: Free of cost

Website URL: BlockFolio

6. Kubera: The best Net Worth Tracker app

Kubera portfolio tracker
  • Track Your Stock Portfolio: Link your digital brokerage accounts or add market tickers to keep up with their current prices. All important brokerages in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and New Zealand are supported by Kubera.
  • Track your crypto assets, including Defi: Get up-to-date amounts from all popular digital wallets and crypto platforms or just add the currencies to keep track of them. Kubera supports Defi assets on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, MATIC, LUNA, AVAX, Solana, and Cosmos, among other chains.
  • Track NFTs: Give a comfy couch for your punks, monkeys, gods, and kitties to sleep together, whether you’re a good investor or just continuing the pattern. Kubera displays the most up-to-date pricing for your NFT collection.

Top Features:

  • Connect your Bank & Brokerage accounts, or Add your stock holdings directly.
  • Connect your cryptocurrency accounts to obtain the most up-to-date information on your holdings and valuations.
  • Add your home address, car VIN Number, and Domain name for an estimated value
  • connect your digital wallet which holds ownership of your NFTs to get the estimated NFT value
  • Advanced customizable
  • Portfolio sharing features

Pricing: 14-day trial for $1, or $150/year

Website URL: Kubera

7. Zerion: Best crypto portfolio tracker app for Defi

zerion portfolio tracker

Zerion is an asset management platform for decentralized finance (Defi) users that was established in 2016. Zerion’s online and mobile apps help in managing all of your Defi holdings on one site, even if they’re scattered across numerous digital wallets. You can track returns, perform trades, loan, reinvest, and lend without ever leaving the app.

In addition to the price and characteristics of existing assets, the Zerion blockchain interface shows the overall worth of your Defi investments and the progress of your portfolios. Investment, farming pool, Swap, Saving, and Borrowing are the five main functions of the app.

Pricing: Free

Website URL: Zerion

8. CoinTracker: Best crypto portfolio tracker for tax-payers

Cointracker tax manager

Automated portfolio tracking: You can link your Metamask and Exodus digital wallets, as well as 250+ cryptocurrency platforms, including prominent names like FTX, Binance US, Coinbase, and Kucoin,  to generate real-time financial information.

Crypto Tax form: CoinTracker assists you in complying with all bitcoin tax regulations. In minutes, you may print your tax statements and file them with your own professional. Full support for the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, as well as moderate support for other countries.

Currently, it has tracked more than 500 billion dollars of crypto investments, or roughly 3% of the total crypto market cap.

Pricing: Free of cost

Website URL: CoinTracker

9. Altrady: Best app for trading on Multiple Exchanges

Altrady crypto portfolio tracker app

Altrady, being a fully-featured crypto trading platform, provides an extensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with a stunning asset dashboard that allows you to evaluate all of your crypto assets across many platforms. It constantly displays the progress of your transactions by presenting exact values for your digital currencies in various exchange accounts and time intervals that you specify.

Altrady’s bitcoin investment manager provides a thorough overview of all your cryptocurrency holdings, with data arranged by asset distribution per exchange and currency.

Top Features

  • Link Multiple Exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, etc.
  • Manage all your crypto holdings in one place
  • Automate trading
  • Trading analytics and real-time market data
  • Get trading signals by using the altrady bot
  • Multiple assets charts on a single screen
  • News and blog with live updates

Pricing: $19 for the basic plan, $34.5 for the essential plan, and $61 for the premium plan

Website URL: Altrady

Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps: The Beginner’s Guide

What is a crypto Portfolio Tracker app?

A crypto portfolio tracker is an online service, including an application or a site, that helps to keep a record of the constantly changing price of the various currencies so that you may effectively handle your investment.

Bitcoin portfolio trackers are linked to bitcoin wallets, which allow users to manage their digital assets. Some even connect to real cryptocurrency platforms, allowing traders to trade virtual currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.

Pros and Cons of Portfolio Trackers

Centralized location for investment managementSome apps have upfront or subscription costs
Real-time updatesPrivacy concerns with sharing investment information
Automated trackingInaccurate data possible with automated tracking
Customizable to fit specific investment needsAPI Security Issues
Portfolio analysis tools

Why Do I need a Portfolio Tracker app?

There are lots of alternative digital currencies, and their price fluctuates constantly, much like conventional cash. This is exacerbated by the fact that bitcoin markets are open 24/7.

Therefore more cryptocurrencies you add to your portfolio, especially those that fluctuate often, the more effort you’ll need to manage them all. Alternatively, you may use software to do it for you.

A crypto investment tracker is that tool, allowing you to keep a proper record of all of your bitcoins and other assets in one place. Why is it critical to be able to keep track of the performance of your investments with ease?

Because it’s critical to retain a well-balanced and well-diversified portfolio, which are two essential techniques for maintaining your money in excellent shape.

How to decide on the best crypto portfolio tracker?

1. Connect with multiple Crypto Exchanges and wallets

Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers use third-party aggregators to connect to various cryptocurrency information sources and present the data you need to keep track of your holdings.

The problem is that most data sources only operate in a few regions and only support a limited number of cryptocurrency feeds. That implies that not every cryptocurrency portfolio tracker will function in every case, so try the tools you’re considering to make sure they’ll work for you.

2. Safe and Secure

It’s not difficult to figure out which bitcoin portfolio monitors prioritize security. Examine their platforms to make sure that the information they control is encrypted and also 2-factor authentications are used whenever feasible. Extra brownie points for trackers that don’t have access to their subscribers’ account details, instead of entrusting that sensitive data to their reputable broker services.

3. User Friendly

People use crypto portfolio trackers for a variety of reasons, one of which is to establish a single interface from which they would monitor all of their assets.

That’s why, from the first time you enter your cryptocurrency portfolio tracker to every time you use it to monitor them in the future, the convenience of use via automation is vital in a crypto portfolio tracker.

FAQ about Best crypto portfolio Tracker

1. Should Cryptocurrency be part of my portfolio?

Cryptocurrency being part of your portfolio depends on your risk appetite. It is a high-risk investment. Most financial analyst suggests that 3-4% of your portfolio must consist of digital assets. Bitcoin is prioritized following Ethereum.

2. What is the best crypto & Defi portfolio tracker app?

Pionex is a top-notch Portfolio tracker and trading bot for cryptocurrencies. Users can use Pionex to automate their trading so they don’t have to keep checking the markets. Even liquidity is aggregated by it.

key Features-
1. there is a 0.05% trading charge.
2. 16 built-in, free trading bots.
3. To counteract the impacts of volatility, the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot Sets repeat purchases at predictable intervals.

Is it safe to use a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

It is, indeed. However, the measures adopted by the portfolio tracker themselves determine how secure applications are. Always choose a portfolio tracker software with a good security rating. Don’t forget to assume responsibility for your own safety as well.


We spoke about the most popular crypto portfolio trackers on the market right now. Along with standard trading applications and platforms, we mentioned tools that users may use to monitor assets individually. We also spoke about systems that allow traders to track their portfolios and assets while trading them all at the same moment without the need for additional trading applications.

Even though mobile trading is popular, most investors prefer desktop trading. We recommend Blockfolio, which stands out as a free platform that integrates investment portfolios, analysis, and trading.

It does, however, satisfy mobile traders who do not have access to a web or desktop version. As a result, Delta is a better fit for that class of users, as it includes ICO and stock tracking capabilities, however advanced features come at a premium.

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