SafePal X1 Review 2024: Is It Safe To Use?

The SafePal X1 wallet offers an intriguing blend of affordability, Bluetooth-powered convenience, and open-source security for your cryptocurrency holdings.

Have you ever felt a twinge of anxiety when storing your cryptocurrency on an exchange or software wallet? To truly protect your digital assets, a hardware wallet is essential.

The SafePal X1 is a compelling option, balancing affordability with robust security features. Let’s dive into our SafePal X1 review and why it might be the right guardian for your crypto coins and tokens.

About SafePal X1 Hardware Wallet

The SafePal X1 is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed with a balance of security and ease of use. As a hardware wallet, it provides offline, “cold” storage of your cryptocurrency private keys, meaning your assets are kept safe from the potential vulnerabilities of online “hot” wallets. Unlike some hardware wallets that rely on USB connections, the SafePal X1 operates mainly via Bluetooth for increased portability.

The SafePal X1 puts security at the forefront of its design. It employs an EAL 5+ independent secure element for storing your private keys. This means they are isolated within the hardware, making it incredibly difficult for hackers to access.

Additionally, the device boasts a self-destruct mechanism to erase sensitive data should it detect any tampering. The X1 is also entirely air-gapped, meaning it has no WiFi, NFC, USB, or other potential online connection points – greatly minimizing the risk of attacks.


  1. Air-gapped design, secure element, and self-destruct mechanism
  2. It supports unlimited crypto assets on 100+ blockchains
  3. Bluetooth and mobile app integration for easy management
  4. Affordable pricing compared to other cold wallets like ELLIPAL Titan and Ledger Nano X
  5. Fully open-source for community trust


  1. The display is small and buttons may not be user-friendly for some users
  2. Bluetooth may cause a security risk

SafePal X1 vs. SafePal S1 vs. SafePal S1 Pro

FeatureSafePal X1SafePal S1SafePal S1 Pro
Display1.8’ monochrome screen, 128×64 resolution1.3’ Full-color screen, 320×320 resolution1.3’ Full-color screen, 320×320 resolution
Connection MethodBluetooth 5.0QR codeQR code
Secure ChipCC EAL5+CC EAL5+CC EAL5+
Housing MaterialABS + PVCABS + PVCAluminum alloy + tempered glass
Blockchain & Token SupportSupport 100+ blockchains and unlimited tokensSupport 100+ blockchains and unlimited tokensSupport 100+ blockchains and unlimited tokens
Button12 buttons + D-padD-padD-pad
CompatibilityiOS, Android, Windows and MacOSiOS, Android, Windows and MacOSiOS, Android, Windows and MacOS

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SafePal X1 Review: Unboxing

  1. SafePal X1 Hardware Wallet x 1
  2. Cleaning Cloth x 1
  3. Sticker x 2
  4. USB Cable x 1
  5. Mnemonic Phrase Card x 3
  6. User Manual x 1
  7. Download App Card x 1

SafePal X1 Security Review

The SafePal X1 hardware wallet is designed with a strong focus on security to safeguard your cryptocurrency assets. Here’s an overview of its comprehensive security measures:

1. True Offline Storage (Air-Gapped)

The SafePal X1 never directly connects to the internet. Unlike software wallets and some competitors that use USB or WiFi, it relies on a secure Bluetooth connection for communication.

This air-gapped approach creates a barrier against online hacking attempts, ensuring that your private keys remain isolated and inaccessible to potential remote attacks.

2. EAL 5+ Independent Secure Element

Within the X1 lies a dedicated secure element chip, certified at EAL 5+ (Evaluation Assurance Level). This chip is similar to what’s used in credit cards and passports.

It’s designed to store your private keys and authorize cryptocurrency transactions in a tamper-resistant environment, separate from the device’s main operating system.

3. Self-Destruct Mechanism

For extreme protection, the SafePal X1 is equipped with multiple sophisticated sensors to detect attempts at physical tampering.

If the device senses intrusion like forced opening or abnormal voltage fluctuations, it will trigger a self-destruct mechanism. This immediately wipes all sensitive data, including private keys, making your crypto assets irretrievable to malicious actors.

4. True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Your private keys are the ultimate protection for your crypto. The SafePal X1 employs a dedicated True Random Number Generator within the hardware to create highly unpredictable and secure private keys during wallet setup.

This eliminates the chance of pre-generated keys or patterns, ensuring your wallet is truly unique. Additionally, SafePal’s open-source approach allows its code to be transparently inspected by experts for greater trust.

SafePal Cold Wallet Supported Coins

The SafePal cold wallet lineup (hardware wallets and their software wallet app) supports unlimited cryptocurrencies across 100+ blockchains. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. BNB Chain (BNB)
  4. Solana (SOL)
  5. Ripple (XRP)
  6. Cardano (ADA)
  7. Polygon (MATIC)
  8. Tron (TRX)
  9. Litecoin (LTC)
  10. Polkadot (DOT)
  11. Avalanche (AVAX)

And many more!

SafePal X1 Price Review

The SafePal X1 hardware wallet currently priced at around $69.99, it falls squarely into the budget-friendly category of hardware wallets.

This places it in direct competition with devices like the Ledger Nano S Plus ($79), while significantly undercutting the price of more premium options like the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T.

SafePal X1 Alternatives: Ledger and Trezor

FeatureSafePal X1Ledger Nano XTrezor Model T
Supported InterfacesUSB-CUSB-CUSB-C
Connection MethodUSBUSB, BluetoothUSB
Secure ChipCC EAL5+CC EAL5+CC EAL5+
Supported Coins & TokensUnlimited5000+1456
AppSafePal App, SafePal ExtensionLedger Live, MetamaskTrezor Suite, Metamask
Display1.8’ monochrome, 128*64 resolution1.2’ Single-color screen, 128*64 resolution1.54’ color screen, 240*240 resolution
Battery200 mAh100 mAh
Build MaterialABS + PVCStainless steel and plasticPlastic

SafePal X1 Customer Support

SafePal has two options for customer support, Live chat and E-mail. You can usually find a live chat option on the SafePal website or within their app. This is often the quickest way to get help for simple questions or basic troubleshooting. The company has received a 3.8/5 rating on the Trustpilot.

Customer support reviews for the SafePal X1 hardware wallet are generally mixed. Some users express satisfaction with the speed and helpfulness of the support team, particularly when compared to other companies in the cryptocurrency space. They praise the availability of 24/7 support and the relatively quick response time from support representatives.

However, other users have encountered negative experiences. Some common complaints include difficulty getting in touch with a live representative, slow resolution times for issues, and a lack of in-depth technical knowledge from some support staff. These negative reviews suggest there is still room for SafePal to improve its customer support offerings.


Our Safepal X1 review shows that it is a great option for those looking for a secure and easy-to-use hardware wallet. It supports unlimited coins and 100+ blockchains, making it a versatile choice for crypto investors.

The X1 also features multiple layers of security, including an EAL 5+ independent secure element, to keep your assets safe. It is a good choice for both beginners and experienced crypto investors.

SafePal X1

Amit Chahar

safepal x1
The SafePal X1 is an affordable hardware wallet that prioritizes offline security for your cryptocurrencies. It offers Bluetooth connectivity for convenient management, while its air-gapped design ensures your keys remain isolated. The SafePal X1 supports unlimited cryptocurrencies and tokens.
Supported Coins
Ease of Use
Build Quality


The SafePal X1 hardware wallet provides an affordable and user-friendly way to secure your cryptocurrency offline. This air-gapped device supports a wide range of coins and tokens, making it a versatile choice for crypto holders. SafePal X1 prioritizes security and ease of use for a worry-free crypto storage solution.


SafePal X1 Review: FAQs

Is SafePal X1 safe or not?

Yes, the SafePal X1 is considered a safe hardware wallet option for several reasons. It is air-gapped, meaning it uses a Bluetooth signing mechanism to keep private keys offline. This reduces the risk of hacks since data is transmitted via QR code scans only.

The X1 features a secure element chip rated CC EAL 5+, which is similar to the security level used in high-security solutions like passports. It includes a self-destruct mechanism that erases all data if physical tampering is detected, ensuring the protection of your assets even if the wallet is compromised.

The X1 also offers multiple layers of security, including passphrases, PINs, and pattern locks, enhancing overall security measures.

Is SafePal owned by Binance?

While SafePal received early investment from Binance Labs (Binance’s venture capital arm), SafePal is an independent company. Binance Labs invests in many projects within the blockchain space, but these projects operate autonomously.

Is SafePal a Chinese company?

SafePal is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. This is important to consider as it means the company is subject to Chinese laws and regulations.

Does SafePal X1 require KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is not directly required to use the SafePal X1 hardware wallet. You can manage your crypto assets on the device without providing personal identification.

However, some centralized exchanges or services that you might interact with using the SafePal X1 may require KYC for their own compliance purposes.

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