10 Top NFT Marketplaces in 2024 (Reviews and Comparison)

The NFT Marketplace is a decentralized platform that enables non-fungible tokens to be traded and stored. Top NFT Marketplaces serve individuals to purchase and resell digital crypto paintings and other non-fungible assets.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a hot topic in recent years, especially in the art and gaming communities. These unique digital assets are stored on a blockchain, providing proof of ownership and authenticity.

NFTs can range from digital art pieces to virtual real estate, and they have quickly become a popular way for creators to monetize their work. However, navigating the world of NFTs can be overwhelming, especially for beginners.

That’s where NFT marketplaces come in – these platforms provide a user-friendly way to buy, sell, and trade NFTs with other collectors and enthusiasts.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top 10 NFT marketplaces for beginners in 2023!

List of 10 Top NFT Marketplaces by volume 2023

  1. OpenSea: Top NFT Marketplaces by volume
  2. Looksrare: Best Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace
  3. Axie Infinity: Top gaming-based NFT Marketplaces
  4. CryptoPunks: Pixel art-based NFT Marketplace
  5. NBA Top shot: Top NFT Marketplace on FLOW blockchain
  6. Magic Eden: Best NFT Marketplace on Solana blockchain
  7. Solanart: Top Rated Solana NFT Marketplace
  8. Rarible: Best user-friendly NFT Marketplace
  9. Superrare: Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace
  10. Mobox: Top Binance smart chain NFT marketplace

Comparison between Top NFT Marketplaces

OpenSea20172.5%ETH, Polygon$23.5B
Axie Infinity20184.25%ETH$4.1B
Crypto Punks20172.5%ETH$2.67B
NBA Top shot20203%FLOW$890M
Magic Eden20190%SOL$736M
Rarible20203%ETH, FLOW, XTZ$295M
source: Dappradar

1. OpenSea: Top NFT Marketplace by Volume

Opensea best NFT Marketplaces

OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in the world, and it’s a great place for beginners to start. The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and browse NFT collections.

With a huge selection of NFTs available, from digital art to gaming items, there’s something for everyone on OpenSea. The platform also supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Polygon, making it easy to buy and sell NFTs using your preferred currency.

OpenSea also allows users to create and sell their own NFTs, giving creators a platform to showcase and monetize their work.

Key features

  • Centralized marketplace for NFTs
  • Wide variety of assets
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interoperable with multiple blockchain networks
  • Strong community-driven platform
  • Enables creators to earn royalties on their assets.
  • 2.5% Fees

Pros & Cons

High VolumeHigh gas fees
Plenty of listed NFTssupports ETH network wallet only
User friendly
Top NFT Projects like BAYC

2. LooksRare: Ethereum Blockchain NFT Platform

Looks rare NFT Marketplace

Looksrare is another Ethereum blockchain-based NFT platform where artists can create and sell their unique digital artwork as NFTs.

Artists can upload their artwork on the Looksrare platform and mint it as an NFT. Once minted, the NFT can be sold to interested buyers in a secure and transparent manner. Buyers can be assured of the authenticity and ownership of the artwork as it is stored on the blockchain.

It also offers a variety of features such as bidding, auctions, and royalty fees to ensure that artists are fairly compensated for their work.

Key Features

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Secure transactions with blockchain technology
  3. A diverse collection of NFTs
  4. Low transaction fees
  5. Community-driven approach

LooksRare: Pros & Cons

Fewer fees than opensea (2%)Fiat currencies are not supported
Rewards for usersonly a $Looks token is allowed for trading
Decentralized platformHigh gas fees (ETH blockchain-based)
$Looks like token distribution for a community

3. Axie Infinity: Best gaming NFT Marketplace

Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace

The players control the entirety of the Axie Infinity environment. Eligible gamers can exchange their NFTs and in-game valuables for virtual currency. The game is a digital pet world in the sense that it focuses on imagined creatures. To begin, each player must have at least three Axies.

The Axie Infinity Platform, unlike most other NFT Exchanges, solely sells characters and stuff from the Axie Infinity Marketplace only. (Read more)

Axie Infinity: Key Facts

  • Model: Play-to-earn
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Fees: 4.25%
  • Payment methods: Credit cards, Paypal
  • Wallet: Ronin wallet
  • Categories: Collectibles, gaming assets
  • NFT Volume: $4.1 B

Axie Infinity: Pros & Cons

Decentralized peer-to-peer system4.25% commission on each trade
Earn while playingcannot submit your own NFTs
High resale value on NFTsRequired 3 axies to play
Supports credit cards and Paypal for payments

4. CryptoPunks: Best pixelated Art NFTs

crypto punks
  • The CryptoPunks are a group of 10,000 characters created at random. Each one is unique, and it can only be formally held by a single individual on the Ethereum network.
  • Originally, anyone with an Ethereum wallet could grab them for free, but all 10,000 were immediately grabbed. They must now be acquired from a third party through the blockchain-based marketplace.

5 Types of crypto punks

  • Aliens
  • Apes
  • Zombies
  • Men
  • Women

Crypto Punks: Key facts

Founded2017 by larva labs
Token standardERC-721
Total collection10,000

How to Buy Crypto Punks

Step 1: Set up a cryptocurrency wallet based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask is one of the top-rated Ethereum blockchain wallets mainly used for storing and flipping NFTs. Install metamask as a browser extension from the Chrome web store. Keep your seed phrase safe and never share it with anyone.

Step 2: Buy ETH and transfer to metamask

At a digital currencies exchange like FTX or Coinbase, exchange your USDT into an ERC-20 blockchain-based coin like Ethereum or stablecoins like TUSD, or USDC. Deposit your Ethereum into the MetaMask wallet app after you’ve successfully registered. You’re finally prepared to buy a CryptoPunk, based on how much money you have.

Step 3: Buy your favorite CryptoPunk

The best site to trade or exchange Punks is at Larva Labs, which is the principal market for these assets. Visit their website and use the browser extension to link your MetaMask wallet to the platform. you can also buy crypto punks on OpenSea Marketplace.

5. NBA Top Shot: Officially Licensed by NBA NFT Marketplace

NBA Top shot NFT Marketplaces
  • NBA Top Shot is now one of the most famous brands in the growing non-fungible tokens business thanks to approved branding provided by the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  • In a way compared to existing sports trading cards, the NFT Marketplace enables NBA fans to buy tokens that comprise multiple periods in League history.
  • Dapper Labs, the company behind the popular Cryptokitties project, created the Marketplace.

NBA Top shot: Key Facts

  • Launched: Oct 2020
  • Blockchain: FLOW
  • Payment Methods: Credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies
  • Overall Volume: $890M
  • Wallet: Blocoto wallet connects to Dapper

NBA Top Shot: Pros & Cons

Lower fees than Ethereumcustodial NFT platform
necessarily crypto payments are not requiredConfusing User interface
Licensed by NBAless crypto supported
High resell values
Most successful NFT collection in a short time frame

6. Magic Eden: Top NFT Marketplace on Solana Blockchain

Magic Eden NFT Marketplace

Magic Eden is a modern NFT marketplace designed specifically for the Solana Network that enables users to purchase, trade, and generate NFTs.

The NFT transactions are very identical to Ether transactions, with the exception that individuals will pay a 0% listing charge and a 2% transaction cost, lowering the entry barriers for novice and experienced NFT traders and developers. SOL tokens are the currency used to pay fees.

Magic Eden’s NFT assets are expanding by the day, and this growth will continue, resulting in higher trade activity and a robust and flexible community.

(Read: Magic Eden Complete Review)

Magic Eden: Pros & Cons

User-Friendly InterfaceManual verification of listing
LaunchpadLimited NFT Projects
Minimal NFT Floor prices
Zero listing and 2% transaction fees
High volume

7. Solanart: popular NFT Marketplace on Solana

Solanart NFT PLatform

On the Solana network, Solanart is a full-fledged NFT Platform. Simply said, it’s a platform where artists can freely advertise their creations, and buyers may buy and trade Solana-based NFTs. In contrast, we may compare Solanart to Opensea, a company that similarly works in a public marketplace.

When individuals desire to trade their NFT, it is held in a Solanart-owned reserve account and uploaded to a record that includes all sales data. When you sell something, the computer sends the SOL value from the buyer to the seller before releasing the NFT to the buyers.

Popular NFT Collection on Solanart

  • Degenerate Ape Academy: Floor price: 90 SOL
  • Aurory: Floor price: 36 SOL
  • SolPunks: Floor price: 8.45 SOL
  • Galactic Gecko Space Garage: Floor price: 14 SOL

Solanart: Pros & Cons

3% fees on selling price( comparatively low)Fewer NFT Collection
Top NFT Collectionhigh fees than magic Eden
low floor price
high volume
price history features

8. Rarible: Best user-friendly NFT Marketplace

Rarible NFTs

Rarible is perfect for cryptocurrency traders who wish to develop, trade, or buy NFTs while making use of a range of community tools.

The Marketplace may also appeal to people who wish to earn extra money from their NFT projects by allowing them to earn a 5-10% royalty fee every time their work is resold.

On Rarible, over 500,000 NFTs have been generated, and the site now has 1.7 million members. Rarible may be used on both Apple and Android smartphones.

Rarible: Key Facts

  • Fees: 3%
  • Royalty: 5-10% depends on the creator
  • Volume: $295M
  • Blockchain: ETH, FLOW, Tezos

Rarible: Pros & Cons

Easy navigation and interfaceHigh fees for ETH blockchain
less time in Minting
Multiple community rewards
Royalty earning for creators

9. SuperRare.co: Best Ethereum blockchain NFT collection

Superrare NFT Platform

The Ethereum network is used by SuperRare to generate, trade, and validate NFTs on the network. It’s also a curated platform, which means that only authorized authors are allowed to mint NFTs on it. Each piece of art is generated by a network creator and decoded as a crypto-collectible digital asset.

All purchases on the site are subject to a 3% transaction charge, which is payable by the purchaser. Primary sales are subject to a 15% artist studio charge, which is high for NFT markets but cheap when compared to genuine art galleries, and secondary sales are subject to a 10% royalty.

SuperRare: Key facts

  • Launched: 2018
  • Fees: 3%
  • Royalty: 5-10% depends on the creator
  • Blockchain: ETH
  • Volume: $233M
  • Wallet: Metamask, wallet connect (other wallets)

SuperRare: Pros & Cons

high royalty for creatorsHigh commission fees
top NFT paintingsOnly ETH as a blockchain
User-friendly interface
Biding and offering to buy

10. Mobox: Top Binance smart chain NFT Marketplace

mobox NFT Marketplace

MOBOX is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT gaming platform. It creates a ‘free-to-play, play-to-earn’ game design concept by combining NFTs gameplay and Defi yield farming.

They built distinct NFTs for use in numerous MOBOX games and developed the MOBOX platform to source appealing yield techniques. Furthermore, the gaming console aspires to link each metaverse by incorporating NFT interoperability into various platforms and cryptocurrency games.

What is NFT Marketplace?

NFT markets are digital marketplaces where NFTs may be purchased, traded, or generated, to put it simply. They’re the first place you should go if you want to purchase NFTs or trade them.

NFT platforms may be compared to large online storefronts where customers can browse the inventory and buy stuff. Because NFTs are stored on the ledger, the great majority of NFT markets will require users to have a digital wallet in order to keep their NFTs once they have been purchased.

NFT collection

NFT Marketplaces based on different Blockchains

Ethereum NFT Marketplaces

These platforms are based on the Ethereum network and provide ETH-based digital assets. ERC network digital wallets are required to buy, sell, or trade NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Metamask is one of the most popular Ethereum network digital wallets.

Popular Ethereum NFT Marketplaces are:

  1. Opensea
  2. LooksRare
  3. Rarible
  4. Superrare
  5. foundation
  6. CryptoPunks
  7. Decentraland
  8. Axie Infinity
  9. The SandBox Marketplace

Solana NFT Marketplaces

Solana NFT Marketplace

The Solana blockchain, which is a better competitor to Ethereum, hosts the Solana NFT platforms. Solana is also very scalable, which opens up the possibility of cheaper network fees and high transaction speed. Currently, Solana is a newer blockchain than Ethereum and has only 5 NFT Marketplaces based on the Solana network.

Popular Solana NFT Marketplaces:

  1. SolSea
  2. Magic Eden
  3. Solanart
  4. Solana Monkey business
  5. DigitalEyes Market

BSC NFT Marketplace

Binance smart chain NFT Marketplaces is well known for its low fees transactions, minting, and easy storage. Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange and also offers its own blockchain called binance smart chain. (Read More)

Popular BSC NFT Platforms are:

  1. Mobox
  2. Pancakeswap
  3. NFTtrade
  4. Altura
  5. Treasureland
  6. Lootex

FLOW blockchain NFT Marketplaces

FLOW is another blockchain network that has lately dabbled with NFTs, with a number of flow NFT markets sprouting up. The entire transaction process is deemed easy and more scalable than the present Ethereum framework.

Popular FLOW NFT Marketplaces:

  1. NBA Top Shot
  2. BloctoBay

Other Blockchains in NFT Marketplaces are:

  1. Algorand NFT Marketplaces
  2. AVAX NFT marketplaces
  3. Tezos NFT Marketplaces
  4. Polygon (MATIC) NFT platforms
  5. WAX Blockchain NFTs
  6. MoonRiver and MoonBeam NFTs

Steps to buying NFTs on Marketplaces

Step 1: Download a crypto wallet

you can download crypto wallets from the chrome web store and install them as an extension. some of the popular digital wallets for NFTs are Metamask for the Ethereum blockchain and Phantom for the Solana blockchain.

Step 2: Deposit required funds to pay fees

Move to your favorite crypto exchanges and buy ETH, or Solana according to your choice. Transfer funds to your wallet.

Step 3: Choose your favorite NFT Marketplaces

After you’ve created your bitcoin wallet, you’ll need to choose an NFT platform from which to purchase your NFTs. OpenSea, Rarible, Superrare, Axie Marketplace, and NBA Top Shot are just a few of the top NFT markets. The majority of markets allow you to sell visual art, entertainment, collectibles, digital assets, in-game goodies, and other things. Users may easily generate, trade, and purchase NFTs on most platforms. You must, however, carry out checks and teach yourself how to avoid NFT fraud before making any transactions.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to NFT Marketplace

After you’ve chosen your NFT place, you’ll need to connect it to your digital wallet and the platform where you want to buy NFT. OpenSea is the world’s largest peer-to-peer NFT platform, allowing users to engage with and trade NFTs from a variety of markets and blockchains.

Step 5: Buy your favorite NFT

Once you’ve selected the NFT you want to purchase, you can begin by putting a bid on the NFT or matching the seller’s initial target. NFT sellers will disclose specifics on the purchase process to potential buyers, including the market value of the NFT, the bidding time limit, and the altcoins they would take as payment.


Finally, this article has gone over the major NFT sites accessible to traders today, showcasing their capabilities and going over the different market kinds.

Choosing where to acquire digital assets for the first time might be difficult, but if you utilize the information in this post, you’ll be able to substantially speed up the process.


Which blockchain is best for NFTs?

Top NFT Blockchains are Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Algorand, WAX, Flow, Tezos, and Avalanche. Solana is the best blockchain in terms of gas fees and transaction speed. However, Ethereum is the most popular NFT blockchain.

How many NFT Marketplaces are there?

Currently, there are more than 30+ NFT Marketplaces based on different blockchains. You can see the complete list of NFTs and platforms on Dappradar.com.

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