Cryptotag Zeus Review: The Crypto Wallet Backup 2024

Cryptotag Zeus is a 6mm thick titanium plate for your seed phrase backup. The device has undergone rigorous testing, and the 6mm thick Titanium is essentially bulletproof.

Are you tired of worrying about losing access to your cryptocurrency? Look no further than the Cryptotag Zeus, the ultimate recovery seed backup solution for 2023.

With its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled security, the Zeus provides peace of mind for even the most cautious of crypto investors.

Keep reading for our in-depth review of this game-changing hardware wallet backup.

Cryptotag Zeus

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cryptotag zeus
Cryptotag Zeus is a 6mm-thick titanium that’s waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-proof, hackerproof, and bulletproof.
Ease of Use


Cryptotag Zeus backup is a must-have device if you’re storing your crypto in a hardware wallet. It is a titanium plate impossible to destroy by any natural calamity. it is highly secure, easy to use, affordable, and high in durability. Please remember it can be used once with only one hardware wallet.


What is a Cryptotag Zeus?

Cryptotag Zeus is a physical key storage device that is designed to securely store private keys for cryptocurrencies. It is made of titanium and is resistant to fire and corrosion.

The 6mm thick titanium Zeus can withstand severe pressure tests, including pneumatic hammers, and temperatures of up to 3050 °F (1667 °C). It is also impenetrable and waterproof.

The device can store multiple private keys, and they can be accessed using a password and a companion app.

The private keys are stored offline, providing an additional layer of security against hacking and other forms of cybercrime.

Key Features

  • Indestructible: To ensure you get the finest, Cryptotag products go through rigorous testing. Temperatures as high as 1665 °C are used to test Cryptotag.
  • Premium material: Due to its excellent qualities, titanium is used in the aviation sector, and space uses.
  • Warranty: A lifetime warranty is included with the Cryptotag Zeus.
  • Quality: Keep your seed phrases on the 6mm thick, bulletproof titanium Cryptotag Zeus.
  • Suitable for: Hardware wallet holders with a special discount for Ledger and Trezro users.
  • Method: Use a BIP-39 words list for punching numbers.

Pros and Cons of using Cryptotag Zeus

IndestructibleNot re-usable
Premium titanium plateEasy to make mistake during punching
Easy to setup and affordableExpensive for small amount crypto holders
Punching pin tools provided inbox
Durability (lifetime material warranty)

Why Cryptotag Zeus is necessary?

Every professional crypto long-term investor needs a Cryptotag Zeus recovery seed backup plate. The significance of having a reliable backup system should not be understated, regardless of whether you want to remove your digital assets from exchanges or already keep them in a personal hardware wallet.

One of the worst ways to part with your cryptocurrency assets is to lose your recovery seed, which far too many individuals have done in the past.

Nobody is protected against unforeseen natural calamities like fire, corrosion, and water, therefore your backup seed on paper is a no-brainer. Cryptotag Zeus is a titanium plate that is undestroyable.

Cryptotag Zeus Review: Key Features

1. Temperature Resistant

CryptoTag Zeus is temperature resistant. This means it can withstand high temperatures without being damaged.

Cryptotag Zeus can withstand 3050 °F (1667 °C) temperature.

In the event of a fire, for example, the device would be able to withstand the heat and protect the private keys from being destroyed. The device is made of titanium which has a high melting point and is also resistant to corrosion.

2. Bulletproof

CryptoTag Zeus has a “bulletproof” feature, meaning it is able to withstand physical impact or damage from bullets.

During testing, it has been put under a pneumatic hammer and shot with a 9mm round. The test was found successful and now it is officially bulletproof and can not be destroyed with force.

3. Corrosion and waterproof

CryptoTag Zeus is also corrosion resistant, which means that it is able to withstand exposure to various chemicals and other materials that can cause corrosion.

Additionally, it is also waterproof. This means that it can withstand immersion in water without being damaged.

4. Titanium Material

It is made up of a titanium quality material which is known for its indestructible properties like bulletproof, dustproof, corriosonproof, and waterproof.

5. User Friendly and Non-reusable

The installation of Cryptotag Zeus is significantly quicker and easier. Simply adhere to the directions included in the packet, and ensure you have a printout of the BIP-39 word list (included in the starter guide).  however, it can also be found on the GitHub page, so no need to worry.

It is non-reusable, like the majority of recovery seed backup options, so you can not use it twice or use it with two different hardware wallets. 

6. Ledger and Trezor Compatible

Cryptotag Zeus is compatible with all popular hardware wallets including ledger and trezor which uses a BIP-39 words list. It is an official partner of Ledger and Trezor cold storage wallets.

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How does the Cryptotag Zeus Work?

The BIP39 recovery seed word list and the Zeus device are compatible. To use them together, you can either use the word list provided in the setup guide or look up each word online using the numbered BIP39 word list.

Write down your recovery seed on the conversion sheet that comes with the device. On the conversion sheet, write the corresponding number next to each word. When you’re finished, you should have a list of four-digit numbers.

The Zeus device is made of titanium plates and these plates can be engraved with each number using the center punch that is included. This way, you will have a permanent backup strategy that you can rely on.

How to Set up Cryptotag zeus?

  1. On the Conversion Sheet that is given, list your seed phrase.
  2. In the BIP39 word list, look for the corresponding numbers.
  3. Write down the numbers on the Conversion Sheet.
  4. Punch the numbers in the Cryptotag Plates.
  5. Put it safe and Hodl. that’s it!

With the crypto tag zeus version, you can make a virtually indestructible backup of your hardware wallet within 5 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to set up and use cryptotag zeus-

Conversion Sheet

cryptotag zeus setup guide

Now I will explain how the crypto tag zeus version works. firstly, take all the items out of the box. Place a conversion sheet in front of you. Worlds most hardware wallets such as a ledger nano and trezor have a backup that consists of 12 to 24 words.

In this example, we use a ledger nano x. This hardware wallet gives us 24 recovery words or seed phrases. The next step is to write these words in the correct boxes on the conversion sheet. The words that you have written down are from the BIP-39 word list.

What is the BIP-39 Words list?

BIP-39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39) is a standard for representing a set of words that can be used as a mnemonic phrase for the generation of deterministic wallets.

A deterministic wallet is a wallet that generates all its addresses from a single starting point, known as a seed. BIP-39 defines a specific list of 2048 words, which can be used as a mnemonic phrase to generate a seed.

The seed can then be used to generate private keys and public addresses for various cryptocurrencies.

Using a BIP-39 mnemonic phrase as a seed provides a convenient way to back up and restore a wallet, as the mnemonic phrase can be written down on paper and stored in a secure location.

Convert Words into Numbers

conversion sheet cryptotag

Now use the BIP-39 words list to convert your 24 words seed phrase into numbers. Please do not make mistake and verify twice after converting the number.

Punch the Number into the cryptotag Zeus Plate

once you’re done it’s time to punch the numbers in the crypto tag Zeus plate. It is a high-quality automatic center punch that ensures easy use and perfect engraving. Before punching, the use of ear plugs is advised also use a solid base.

let’s start punching the layout of the conversion sheet that corresponds to the layout of the cryptotag zeus plates.

Who Should Buy Cryptotag Zeus?

  1. Crypto Investors who store large amounts of bitcoin in their hardware wallets.
  2. Long-term crypto Holders.
  3. People who easily forget their seed phrases or backup keys.
  4. Investors who want financial independence.
  5. Ledger and Trezor users have a perfect backup with Cryptotag zeus.

Cryptotag Zeus Vs Thor vs Odin: Comparison

The Odin model from Cryptotag is made of aerospace-grade titanium, which is extremely durable and resistant to extreme conditions such as fire, water, and high temperatures. It can store up to 48 words of a seed phrase.

What is Recovery Seed Phrase?

A recovery seed phrase, also known as a seed phrase, mnemonic phrase, or backup phrase, is a set of words that can be used to recover or restore access to a wallet, account, or other digital assets.

These phrases are typically a sequence of 12-24 words that are generated randomly and are intended to be written down and stored in a secure location.

They can be used to recreate the private key of a wallet, which in turn can be used to access the assets stored in that wallet.

It’s important to keep the seed phrase safe and secure, as anyone who has access to it can use it to gain access to the associated assets.

Which Wallets are Supported by Cryptotag Zeus?

The Cryptotag Zeus backup model is designed to support BIP 39, which is a standard for encoding a seed phrase as a sequence of words. BIP 39 is widely used in many popular wallets, so it’s likely that the Zeus model will be compatible with a wide range of wallets.

Some examples of wallets that are known to support BIP 39 include:

  • Mycelium
  • Electrum
  • Exodus
  • Jaxx
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • KeepKey
  • Coinomi

It’s important to note that Cryptotag Zeus is compatible with BIP 39 standard. Always check the specific wallet you’re using to ensure it’s compatible with BIP 39, before purchasing a backup model like Cryptotag Zeus.


For your wallets, CRYPTOTAG creates high-quality backup products compatible with Ledger, Trezor, Metamask, and many more.

They produce high-end goods and services that help holders all around the world protect their cryptocurrency and, over time, have a good time. It provides sovereign citizens the ability to serve as their own banks. 
They put a lot of effort into expanding their offering of goods and services every day with the single objective of making crypto Holding an enjoyable and pleasant experience over time.

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