ECOS Mining Review 2024: Is This Bitcoin Cloud Mining Safe?

ECOS Mining Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin Miners can purchase a mining contract starting at $150.
  • A calculator tool is available on the website to assist with selecting a mining contract.
  • Payments are made daily, and a transaction history is provided.
  • Withdrawals can be made from 0.001 BTC.
  • ECOS is a multifaceted investment platform, offering not only cloud mining, but also a wallet, exchange, investment portfolios, a mining farm, and hosting services.
  • ECOS has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
  • After registering, users can take advantage of a free mining contract for one month.

ECOS Mining Review


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ECOS is a cryptocurrency platform that provides various products and services related to mining and cryptocurrencies. It includes cloud mining of bitcoins, the purchase of high-performance mining equipment, a cryptocurrency wallet, an exchange, and investment portfolios.


ECOS offers portfolios with varying levels of risk and potential profit, all of which are created using in-depth analysis.

In addition, ECOS has a mobile app and a website calculator to help users choose a mining contract and track daily payments and transaction history.

Key Features of ECOS Bitcoin mining

  1. Simple setup: With no upfront hardware expenditures or technical skills necessary, ECOS makes it simple to get started with Bitcoin mining.
  2. Flexible plans: ECOS provides a number of plans to meet a variety of demands and budgets, with the flexibility to customize the amount of hash power and contract term.
  3. Secure infrastructure: To maintain the security and stability of its mining operations, ECOS employs cutting-edge hardware and infrastructure.
  4. Professional staff: ECOS has a team of experienced experts committed to guaranteeing the service’s flawless functioning and the happiness of its users.
  5. Customer service that is responsive: 24/7 excellent support.
  6. Wallet and Exchange: ECOS Platform provides in-built exchange and wallet for ease of use.

ECOS Mining: History and Background

ECOS’ mining facility is situated in the Armenian Free Economic Zone, where the company is able to take advantage of various tax exemptions, including income taxes, VAT, customs duties for imports and exports, and property and real estate taxes.

This allows ECOS to do not only save money for its clients, but also for itself. The company has secured a direct agreement with Hrazdan TPP, one of Armenia’s leading electricity suppliers, for 200 MW of electricity at a discounted price.

ECOS uses equipment from Bitmain, a top manufacturer of mining hardware, which, along with other favorable factors, make it the most cost-effective cloud mining provider available.

ECOS Review: Cloud Mining Contracts

Ecos cloud mining

ECOS has easy-to-use custom contract plans for bitcoin cloud miners. You can select contract duration, and investment amount and calculate your profits based on Bitcoin forecast and mining difficulty.

  1. Minimum Investment: $150
  2. Minimum Contract duration: 24 months
  3. Free trial: Yes

How to buy Mining Contract?

To purchase a Bitcoin mining contract, go to the “Mining” tab and you will be directed to the mining calculator.

In the Pro version, you have the option to choose the service fee, BTC price forecast, contract duration, and tera hash amount. After making these selections, you will be able to see the expected profitability of the contract.

To finalize the purchase, select your preferred payment method (either a bank card or cryptocurrency) and click on “Confirm.”

ECOS Wallet and Exchange

ECOS Mining app

In-built exchange on the ECOS bitcoin mining platform is a useful and convenient feature for users looking to trade their mined bitcoin. It may not offer as many trading options as other exchanges but good for bitcoin miners.

It offers a simple and user-friendly platform for buying and selling bitcoin, and its competitive exchange rates and low fees make it a cost-effective option for traders. BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and BCH are available to exchange on the platform.

  1. over 245 tokens supported
  2. 740 trading pairs

One part of their service is their wallet, which allows miners to safely store their mined bitcoin. The wallet is accessible via their website as well as a mobile app.

Users can use the wallet to conveniently transfer and receive bitcoin, as well as track their transactions.

The wallet also has a facility for converting bitcoin to other currencies, which is important for users who want to utilize their bitcoin for daily transactions.

ASIC Shop: Buy Hardware Miners on the platform

ASIC Hardware on ECOS

You can buy ASIC Hardware and get hosting on the ECOS platform.

  1. Hardware setup and connection to the mining pool are done by the ECOS services.
  2. They will provide 24/7 service and support
  3. 6-month hardware warranty

There are three types of ASCI Miners: Bitmain, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. It includes an installation package fee of $650.

The ECOS ASIC Shop is a feature of the ECOS bitcoin mining platform that allows customers to directly purchase hardware miners via the site.

These hardware miners are specialized computer chips made exclusively for bitcoin mining and are far more efficient and effective than ordinary PCs for this purpose.

The ECOS ASIC Shop offers a variety of various hardware miners, with different models delivering differing degrees of mining power and energy efficiency.

The business also sells mining bundles, which let users buy many hardware miners at a discount.

Clients can purchase hardware miners directly from the ECOS ASIC Shop, which might be more convenient than buying them from a third-party seller. This is one benefit of using the ECOS ASIC Shop.

Additionally, it offers a number of tools and resources, including a mining calculator and a mining profitability calculator, to help users choose the finest hardware miners for their needs.

ECOS Mining Fees

mining fees vary depending on the specific services that users access and the amount of bitcoin that they mine. For example, users who choose to purchase hardware miners from the ECOS ASIC Shop may be charged a one-time fee for the hardware ($650 for the installation package fee), as well as ongoing maintenance fees.

Similarly, users who access advanced mining tools or resources may be charged additional fees for these services.

ECOS also charges a service fee of $0.05 per TH/day

Final Thoughts

Overall, for anyone wishing to enter into bitcoin mining, the ECOS platform is a dependable and practical choice.

Anyone with an internet connection can use it, and it provides a safe and simple platform.

Its built-in exchange, wallet, ASIC Shop, and user-friendly design make it a great option for both new and seasoned miners.

Related FAQs

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining entails renting out mining machinery or processing power. By choosing this option, people can avoid the high expenses and possible hazards of owning and maintaining their own mining equipment.

With cloud mining, you don’t have to pay extra for hosting or maintenance; instead, you just pay a set rate to use equipment that is housed in a reputable data center.

Additionally, compared to conventional mining techniques, which can need protracted wait periods for equipment orders and high upfront expenses, cloud mining might offer quicker access to cryptocurrency revenue.

What is ECOS Portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a way to spread out your investments and minimize risk. ECOS offers portfolios that have been carefully selected based on thorough market research, and they offer a range of potential returns.

These portfolios are also diversified across various industries, such as exchange, blockchain, Metaverse, Defi, Elon musk, and NFT.

What is ECOS Withdrawal Fee?

ECOS offers two options for this fee: regular and priority. The priority option allows for faster processing of the transaction at a higher fee. This is a network fee charged based on blockchain gas fees.

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