10 Best Free Crypto Mining Software for Windows (2024)

CGMiner and Kryptex are popular free crypto mining software options for Windows.

Are you looking for the best free crypto mining software for Windows? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best crypto-mining software that you can use for free on your Windows machine.

Crypto mining has become a popular way to earn cryptocurrency by using your computer’s processing power. However, finding the right software can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the world of crypto mining.

But don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best free crypto mining software for Windows. These software options are easy to use, have a user-friendly interface, and are highly efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • CGMiner is a top free crypto mining software for Windows, supporting ASICs and GPUs.
  • Kryptex is a beginner-friendly option for free crypto mining software, with a simple interface.
  • When choosing free crypto mining software for Windows, consider compatibility, hash rate, power consumption, and security.

Tips to choose the best free Crypto Mining App for Windows

👉 Compatibility: Check if the software is compatible with your operating system and hardware specifications.

👉 Mining algorithm: Choose software that supports the mining algorithm of the cryptocurrency you intend to mine.

👉 User Interface: Select software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and understand.

👉 Hashrate: Look for software that provides high hashrate and performance to maximize your mining profits.

👉 Stability: Choose software that is reliable and stable to avoid crashes and other technical issues.

👉 Security: Ensure that the software is safe and secure to use, with features such as two-factor authentication and regular updates.

👉 Community Support: Choose software that has an active and supportive community to help you with any issues that may arise.

👉 Additional Features: Look for software with additional features such as monitoring tools, automatic switching between mining pools, and overclocking capabilities to improve your mining experience.

We Recommend: Best Mining Software and Apps

Kryptex Pool

Free Mine using a Laptop

  • $95 per month using a Gaming PC
  • $615 per month Using mining Rigs
  • Withdraw directly to a bank account

All-in-One BTC Cloud Mining

  • 1000%+ ROI
  • Daily Earnings
  • Bonuses and Perks

List of Best Free crypto mining Software and Apps For Laptops

  1. Multiminer: Best crypto mining software for beginners
  2. Kryptex: Best Miner for maximum performance
  3. CGMiner: Best customizable crypto miner
  4. BFGMiner: Best ASIC-based mining application
  5. Shamining: Best cloud Mining Software
  6. ECOS: Top cloud mining software
  7. Minergate: Best Ethereum Mining Software
  8. BTCminer: Best bitcoin cloud mining software
  9. Cudo Miner: Top Bitcoin and crypto mining software
  10. Awesome miner: Best GPU and ASIC mining App

1. MultiMiner (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Multiminer mining software

MultiMiner is a user-friendly cryptocurrency mining software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It detects available hardware and supports various mining algorithms including SHA256, Scrypt, and CryptoNight.

It also allows automatic or manual switching to the most profitable cryptocurrency and can be monitored remotely with smartphone software. Advanced users can create their own mining pool using a stratum proxy.

Key Features:

  • MultiMiner is a bitcoin mining software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Its user-friendly UI makes it simple to select which altcoin to mine by identifying the hardware on your phone or desktop.
  • MultiMiner can mine using GPUs, ASICs, and FPGA devices.
  • MultiMiner also allows you to access the mining engine’s inputs and API settings directly.
  • It can restart malfunctioning miners automatically and alter mining strength according to how long your device has been inactive.
  • These tools aid in making MultiMiner work smoothly in the background with minimal user interaction.
  • MultiMiner is a complete novice software with a lot of functionality. New users will be greeted by a Getting Started wizard that will make the process easier of setting up your rigs and getting started mining.
  • MultiMiner and BFGMiner, the underlying mining engine that drives MultiMiner, update themselves automatically, so you should constantly have the most recent version.

Pros & Cons

Beginner-friendlyadditional software required for macOS
Automated malfunctioning miner detector
Auto updates
best for windows

Download MultiMiner

2. Kryptex (Windows)

Kryptex crypto mining software

Kryptex is a Windows program that can determine which currency is the most lucrative. It can handle complicated distributed bitcoin computations.

It’s simple to get started with this software: download the software, register, keep Kryptex running, and be rewarded.

Why Kryptex is the best Crypto Miner?

  • Kryptex guarantees that its miners are updated.
  • It delivers actual information in greater depth.
  • Kryptex keeps track of the hash rate and affordability of GPUs currently available
  • Its mining efficiency calculator will inform you which GPUs are optimal for your mining setup and which cryptocurrencies are most lucrative at the current energy rates.
  • The tool will determine the revenue you may expect based on the graphics cards and power prices you provide.

How much can I earn?

Kryptex pool
  1. Gaming PC ≈ $95 per month
  2. Mining Rig ≈ $615 per month
  3. Mining Farm ≈ $13570 per month


The app is Free of cost, withdrawal fees may vary depending on the type of coin

Download Kryptex for Windows

3. CGMiner (Windows, Linux)

CGMiner crypto miner

CGMiner is a popular software program used for mining cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. It is a multi-threaded multi-pool miner that utilizes both FPGA and ASIC hardware to maximize mining efficiency. The program was created by a programmer who provides it completely free of charge in his spare time. However, donations are greatly appreciated to support ongoing development and maintenance.

Additionally, the programmer is willing to sponsor the development of new ASIC drivers specifically designed for Bitcoin hardware. This can be a great opportunity for anyone interested in contributing to the development of mining software.

It is important to note that the latest versions of CGMiner, version 3.10 and above, have removed support for graphic cards and are only compatible with ASIC hardware. As a result, anyone interested in mining Dogecoin should avoid these versions and instead download version 3.7.2, which is the latest version that supports Dogecoin mining.

Key Features of CGMiner

  • CGminer offers flexibility for mining on multiple hardware and using various tools
  • It’s preferred by professional users due to its lack of GUI and sophisticated features
  • It has a modular networking algorithm for managing mining power without disrupting the network
  • Supports multiple pools and failover operations for resource sharing
  • CGminer is a command-line mining software with a user-friendly interface for modifying settings, including fan speed.

Pricing: free of cost

Download Link: CGMiner

GitHub Link: https://github.com/ckolivas/cgminer

4. BFGMiner: Best ASIC and FPGA Mining Application

BFGMiner crypto mining software

It does contain features that allow users to experiment with mining equipment, such as adaptive overclocking and remote interface features. Most equipment can be monitored for heating, and it can link to different mining pools.

Additionally, BFGMiner is smart enough to quit connecting to pools that aren’t accessible, conserving computer resources and profit maximization.

Why BFGminer is the best crypto-mining Application?

  • BFGminer is not just a powerful tool, however, it is cross-platform, allowing it to work on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Although text-based, the interface is quite user-friendly, and hotkeys may be used to browse through the many options.
  • The ability to mine several altcoins at the very same period is one of BFGMiner’s best features.


  • mine Several altcoins at the same time
  • Compatible with Windows and Ubuntu
  • supports ASIC and FPGA


  • Not best for mac users
  • Not suitable for beginners

Pricing: Free of cost

Download Link: BFGminer

5. Shamining: Best cloud mining platform

Shamining cloud based software

Shamining is a cloud mining online technology that supports ASIC and GPU miners to generate mining power. It offers a straightforward and easy-to-use UI. As a result, Shamining is one of the finest cryptocurrency mining tools for beginners.

Key Features

  • Mining profitability calculator
  • Supports both desktop and mobile for controlling miner
  • Buy with different mining power and cost
  • debit and credit cards supported
  • 37% bonus on power

Pricing: Price depends on Mining power (Gh/sec)

Website Link: Shamining

6. ECOS: Top cloud Mining Software

ECOS cloud mining crypto software

ECOS Mining is among the first licensed Cryptocurrency cloud mining services. The firm is based in Armenia’s Free Economic Zone and is regarded as a pioneer in the sector. ECOS is a prominent player in the field of cloud mining, despite the fact that it was just started in 2017. The firm inked a deal with the Armenian government in the second quarter of 2018 to create a free economic zone, which has opened up several potentials for the company and all of its members.

Why ECOS is the top crypto mining Platform?

  • A mining subscription must be purchased for a total of $49.
  • There is a tool for determining which mining plan is best for you.
  • Transaction Records are available in detail.
  • Everyday withdrawal
  • Withdrawals start at 0.001 BTC and go up from there.
  • Contracts come in a wide variety.
  • After you register, you will be given a complimentary one-month mining contract.

Pricing: free 1 month for new users

Website: ECOS

7. Minergate: Best Altcoins Mining Pools

Minergate altcoins mining

It’s a public mining pool where participants contribute their laptops’ computational power to hundreds of other miners. The interface design is free to download and allows users to start mining Ether and a variety of other cryptocurrencies fast.

Why Minergate is the best Altcoins mining pool?

MinerGate lets anybody download and executes their application on their machine. Of course, a huge, powerful processor may provide more performance, but even modest, amateur miners can get by with a regular Desktop or mac.

MinerGate offers the distinct benefit of mining numerous cryptos for optimum profit using both the CPU and GPU. You may, for example, mine both Eth and Monero at the same time.

Pricing: Electricity cost depends on CPU and GPU hash power

8. BTCminer: Best Bitcoin cloud mining software

BTCminer bitcoin mining

BTC miner is a well-known Bitcoin cloud mining. Physical miners back up all of the hash power. Mining with the most up-to-date algorithms enables the production of as much Bitcoin as feasible.  

With data centers all across the world, It aims to keep costs low and mining capacity high, so you can earn more in less time than you might if you mined from home, for example. With dedicated Up-Links and 99 percent uptime, our data centers are located in the United States, Europe, and China. It is one of the best bitcoin mining software free to download.

BTCminer features:

  • Use any bitcoin wallet to collect mining rewards
  • You can have multiple BTCminer accounts
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Affiliate and referral program
  • low power consumption due to distributed data centers
  • Automatic temperature and heating management

Pricing: Free of cost

Website: BTCminer

9. Cudo Miner: Top Bitcoin and crypto mining software

Cudo miner

Cudo Miner is powerful in terms of usefulness and effectiveness, and the team has simplified the program without any limit on the number of machines per user. This makes it ideal for newcomers who wish to gain Bitcoins from their pc or laptop, and it is also a free cryptocurrency mining software.

Top Features:

  • An interface that is simple to use
  • Web console with a lot of power
  • Customizable algorithms for better performance or profits.
  • Optional payment method.
  • Abilities for enhanced monitoring.

Pricing: Free of cost

Website: Cudo Miner

10. Awesome miner: Best GPU and ASIC mining Software

Awesome miner software

Awesome Miner is a robust mining application that lets to manage various mining rigs and pools from a single interface. As a consequence, it is the finest centrally managed application on our list.

Key Features

  • It supports large-scale mining
  • Adjusting profitability involved in real-time income and energy usage automatic detection and restoration of mining difficulties
  • Adjust the clock speed, voltage, power, and fan parameters of your GPU using overclocking.
  • Track and report GPU miners that are operating on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • ASIC mining support

Pricing: Free of cost

Website: Awesome miner

What is a Crypto Mining Software?

Crypto mining software is a program that allows individuals to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. It uses a computer’s processing power to solve complex mathematical problems that are required to verify and validate transactions on the blockchain network.

The mining software is designed to work in conjunction with the mining hardware, such as ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), or CPUs (Central Processing Units), to perform the mining process.

The software communicates with the mining hardware to send and receive data, and it also manages the mining pool, where multiple miners combine their computing power to increase their chances of earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Can you do crypto mining on a laptop?

Yes, it is possible to mine cryptocurrency on a laptop, but it’s not very efficient. Laptops generally have less processing power and slower graphics cards than desktop computers, which are better suited for mining.

Additionally, mining can cause a laptop to overheat and potentially damage hardware components, so it’s not recommended to use your laptop for extended periods of time for mining.

Types of Crypto Mining Software

There are various types of crypto mining software, each with its unique features and capabilities. These include:

CPU Mining Software – CPU mining software is designed to mine cryptocurrencies using your computer’s CPU. This type of mining software is ideal for beginners as it doesn’t require specialized equipment.

GPU Mining Software – GPU mining software is designed to mine cryptocurrencies using your computer’s graphics card. This type of mining software is more efficient than CPU mining software and can mine a wider range of cryptocurrencies.

ASIC Mining Software – ASIC mining software is designed to mine cryptocurrencies using specialized hardware known as ASICs. This type of mining software is highly efficient and can mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Cloud Mining Software – Cloud mining software enables miners to mine cryptocurrencies using cloud-based computing power. This type of mining software is ideal for those who don’t have access to specialized mining hardware.

Mobile Mining Software – Mobile mining software enables miners to mine cryptocurrencies using their mobile devices. This type of mining software is ideal for those who want to mine cryptocurrencies on the go.

Key Features of Crypto Mining Software

When choosing crypto mining software, it’s essential to consider the following features:

Hash Rate

The hash rate refers to the number of calculations that a mining rig can perform in a second. The higher the hash rate, the more profitable the mining operation will be.

Power Consumption

Mining cryptocurrencies can consume a lot of power. It’s essential to choose mining software that’s energy-efficient to avoid high electricity bills.


Choose mining software that’s compatible with your mining hardware and operating system.

User Interface

Choose mining software that’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.


Choose mining software that’s secure and protects your mining operations from cyber threats.

How much you can earn from crypto mining a day?

You can make around $0.5-$10, depending on the hash power of your device. You must first pick what you want to mine. If it’s bitcoin, you can’t intend to achieve any money by building a rig. You can mine other coins if you have enough hard disc space. Some of them can be mined using a graphics card.

After you’ve decided what to mine, you’ll need to determine what kind of gear you can get for $1,000. Then you must decide the computing power of the gear you intend to purchase. Then you may look for a mining calculator for whichever coin you’re interested in and enter your information.

This will give you a good idea of how much money can you make from cryptocurrency mining.

5 Coins to Mine using Windows Software

  1. Monero (XMR) – Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that can be mined with a laptop’s CPU. It is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for CPU mining and is relatively easy to set up and mine.
  2. Electroneum (ETN) – Electroneum is a mobile-based cryptocurrency that can be mined using a laptop’s CPU or GPU. It is designed to be mined by everyday users and can be mined with a low-end laptop.
  3. Bytecoin (BCN) – Bytecoin is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency that can be mined with a laptop’s CPU. It is designed to be mined by anyone, and its algorithm is optimized for CPU mining.
  4. Aeon (AEON) – Aeon is a lightweight cryptocurrency that can be mined using a laptop’s CPU or GPU. It is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is based on the Monero protocol.
  5. Ravencoin (RVN) – Ravencoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency that can be mined using a laptop’s GPU. It is designed to be ASIC-resistant, which means that it can be mined effectively using a laptop’s GPU.


Crypto mining software is an essential tool for mining cryptocurrencies effectively. When choosing mining software, consider the type of hardware you have, the cryptocurrency you want to mine, and the software’s compatibility with your operating system.

Always choose mining software that’s secure, energy-efficient, and has a good reputation. With the right mining software and hardware, you can start mining cryptocurrencies and earn passive income.


1. How to Start Crypto Mining?

The steps required for mining cryptocurrency are:
1. Get a high-performance CPU and GPU for high mining rewards
2. Download one of the above crypto mining software for an easy mining guide
3. Cryptocurrency wallet is required for receiving mining rewards. Set up a crypto or bitcoin wallet.
4. Now you can start cryptocurrency mining
5. You can also join mining pools for maximizing your profits

2. Can you get rich by bitcoin or cryptocurrency Mining?

No, you can not get rich by Bitcoin mining due to its mining difficulty and limited supply (21 million). In simple words, you can earn a decent amount if you are using mining rigs with high computation power and hash power per second. You can use mining calculators to find the estimated earnings. Please remember mining calculators do not combine your electricity cost.

Is there a way to mine crypto for free?

Technically, it’s possible to mine cryptocurrency for free if you have access to a computer with a powerful CPU or GPU and free electricity. However, most people need to invest in specialized mining hardware and pay for electricity to make a profit from mining. There are also cloud mining services that allow you to rent mining equipment, but these usually require an upfront investment.

Which coin can I mine with my laptop?

Some cryptocurrencies that can be mined with a laptop include Monero (XMR), Electroneum (ETN), and RavenCoin (RVN). However, the profitability of mining these coins on a laptop is generally quite low, and you may not even cover the cost of electricity. It’s important to research the hardware requirements and mining difficulty of a coin before attempting to mine it with your laptop.

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