Hayden Adams Net Worth 2024: The Uniswap Founder

Hayden Adams is the creator of Uniswap, the most popular decentralized crypto exchange in the world that uses smart contracts to automate the trading and liquidity of crypto assets.

Uniswap was launched in 2018 and has attracted millions of users. In 2023, it reached a milestone of $1.4 trillion in total trading volume.

But how wealthy is Hayden Adams? And how did he become one of the crypto elite? This guide will uncover his story, achievements, and net worth.

NameHayden Adams
Date of birth (DoB)Unknown
Age29 (as of 2023)
EducationBachelor in engineering from Stony Brook University (2016)
Working companiesSiemens (former engineer), Uniswap (founder and inventor)
Net worthApprox. $98.4 million
Sources of incomeUniswap shares, UNI token holdings, and other investments

Who Is Hayden Adams?

Hayden Adams is a 31-year-old software engineer and entrepreneur with a mechanical engineering degree from Stony Brook University. He worked a year as an analyst at the manufacturing giant Siemens doing heat flow simulations.

In late 2017, he followed an idea proposed by Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that used automated market makers (AMMs) controlled by code instead of people.

Adams learned how to code in Solidity, the programming language for Ethereum smart contracts, and built Uniswap as a proof-of-concept project.

He received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to continue developing Uniswap and launched it on the Ethereum mainnet in November 2018.

The Success of Uniswap DEX

Uniswap by Hayden Adams

Uniswap quickly gained traction among crypto users and developers. It offered a simple, fast, and low-cost way to swap any ERC-20 token (the standard for Ethereum-based tokens) without requiring registration, KYC, or custody.

Uniswap also enabled anyone to provide liquidity to the platform and earn fees from the trading volume.

In 2020, Uniswap launched its second version (V2), which introduced new features such as direct token-to-token swaps, improved price oracles, and support for custom liquidity pools.

Uniswap also issued its own governance token, UNI, which was airdropped to all users and liquidity providers who had interacted with the platform before September 1st, 2020. UNI holders can vote on proposals to upgrade or change the protocol.

In 2021, Uniswap launched its third version (V3). V3 introduced concentrated liquidity, which allows liquidity providers to specify the price ranges for their assets and optimize their returns.

It also introduced multiple fee tiers, which allow liquidity providers to choose the level of risk and reward they are comfortable with.

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Hayden Adams net worth

Hayden Adams’ net worth is not publicly disclosed, but we can estimate it based on some available information.

According to Forbes, Adams owns a stake of about 19% in Uniswap Labs, the company behind Uniswap DEx that develops and maintains the protocol. Uniswap Labs raised $11 million in Series A funding in August 2020 at a valuation of $65 million.

Assuming no dilution since then, Adams’ stake in Uniswap Labs would be worth about $12.4 million.

However, this does not account for the value of UNI tokens that Adams may own or have access to. UNI is the native token of Uniswap that grants governance rights and potential future cash flows to its holders.

UNI has a total supply of 1 billion tokens (577M+ in circulation), of which 21.51% are allocated to team members and future employees. This means that Adams could potentially own or control up to 215.1 million UNI tokens.

At the time of writing (June 11th, 2023), UNI has a market price of $4 per token, which gives it a market capitalization of $4 billion.

If we assume that Adams owns or controls 10% of the team allocation (which is a conservative estimate), his UNI holdings would be worth about $86 million.


Hayden Adams’ net worth is not publicly disclosed, but we can estimate it based on his stake in Uniswap Labs and his potential UNI holdings.

Based on our calculations, we estimate that Hayden Adams’ net worth is at least $98.4 million ($12.4M + $86M) as of June 2023.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on “Hayden Adams net worth”.


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